Take care of your Oriental rugs

Take care of your Oriental rugs1. Respond stains or spills quickly

This saves considerable time and sustained effort. If you get a leak or a stain immediately, it is a good chance that her country. By never allowing the stain or spill kit for your carpet, you can save yourself from expensive trip to a professional cleaner. Release their carpets regularly so that both sides get the same Sunday fading. Fading Suns Although uncommon constant exposure to ultraviolet rays in a bright room that gradually disappear floor from time to time.

2. Vacuum always two sides

Dust help get all the dust and dirt from your carpet. If you lift the corner of your carpet and gave him a slap or kick dirt and flies, it is a sign, your carpet should be vacuumed. You always want both sides of vacuum flooring. You want to be careful if you have an empty “bar beater” or electric toothbrush, as it can lead to sweep the Oriental rugs. For normal cleaning, just use a regular vacuum cleaner nozzle.

Take care of your Oriental rugs3. Use the vinegar and water solution for your carpet

To use. The three parts water to one part vinegar to clean your carpet Avoid soap or chemicals, as they can easily change the color of your carpet. There’s really no way to get the soap 100% of your stack without receiving pipe discolor your floor. Vinegar helps to live in your carpet cleaning your carpet.

4. Use a gentle soft brush at the edge of your brush mats

Soft brush and light are OK to use in the edges of the carpet. You can also use the same solution of vinegar on the edge of your mat.

5. Use fans on the carpet dries faster

Turn the fan on the ground and that recently washed to dry faster without damage. This is the safest way for your Oriental carpet dry advisor.