It Took Me Awhile to Figure out What I Wanted to Go with

It took me quite some time to figure out what type of the decor theme that I wanted to put my time and money into the new home that my husband and I purchased last year. I know that most people move into their home and they know exactly what they want to do, but I can be a bit finicky and grow bored very quickly. The one thing that I was sure that I wanted was to contact the people at Orange County Shutters to have them install shutters for me. I had no doubt about that at all. However, when it came to paint colors, furniture, and things like that, I struggled repeatedly with figuring out what I wouldn’t grow bored with.

I do watch a lot of home and garden type television shows on our cable network. I do see something some things from time to time that I would like to have in our house when I’m watching a variety of their shows. Yet, I felt like I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was that would make me happy for many years. Things didn’t really change for me until I decided to visit a home and garden show in person. I was reading or local newspaper, and I saw that there was one coming to town during one weekend last month. It was there that I actually got some see things up close and personal, and then I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

At the show, I was able to walk from room to room and look at so many different exciting things from a variety of different designer’s showcases. While there were a lot of styles that I liked, I found myself drawn to one type of theme over and over. Four different designers used a beach theme in their decor showcases. I found myself lingering most often to look at the beachy colors and themes, and this was the type of decoration that I found myself feeling most peaceful around. I also know that this type of decor will go perfectly well with shutters.