How to prevent peeling paint on the wall?

How to prevent peeling paint on the wall?The color of the surface, it begins to take off wet, which accumulates between the ink layer and the surface below. Because the layer of seafood, due to the moisture in the underlying region, which leads to more flaking. He began an endless cycle, and to stop this, be sure to keep moisture from the surface. Follow these steps to prevent the burning colors:

Keep The Interiors Dry And Moisture Free

Consider the relative humidity in the house. Try using a kitchen fan or fan bath to keep moisture. An ideal relative humidity below 55% during the cold months, but if it is too high, use the fan regularly.

  • How to prevent peeling paint on the wall?Repair wall

Make sure you tear your walls and holes, and repair. You can change the patching compound for this use. Offer compound and smooth with a spatula in a thin layer in the areas along the filling wall. Allow the compound to dry thoroughly before painting the wall patch.

  • Old Rough paint

If you first paint, old paint rough on the surface with sandpaper. Minor imperfections, depression or cracks can be repaired with this technique.

  • How to prevent peeling paint on the wall?Use a good primer

The primer is used to connect the new paint with old paint. A primer provides a basis so you do not need several layers to cover the old cap. Indeed, the primary surface and a layer of old paint that does not stick.

  • Remove peeling paint

To stop the color of the skin, it is important to remove ink from the skin so that moisture does not make its way under the surface. Use paint peeling paint scraper. Cancels and scraper to loosen the color until you face strong resistance.

How to prevent peeling paint on the wall?Reseal The Area

Through the use of color and the primer, rear panel looks like a new you. This prevents peeling of and damage to the wall thereof in the future. After the primer has dried completely, apply a new coat of paint on the surface.

A little care and patience it takes to stop the peeling walls. But the practice of removing the liver scraping or sanding painted surfaces. Protection of respiratory exposure to paint or cover with a cloth to avoid the face, and you’ll be good to go.