Choosing the Right High Quality Deck Material

Choosing the Right High Quality Deck MaterialYour deckis a place where you can enjoy cooking, visiting with friends and family, and enjoy the outdoors in general in your own backyard. There are a variety of materials available that style of your home and your needs and maintenance budget. The most common materials are wood or composite wood. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of different types:

  • Choosing the Right High Quality Deck MaterialWooden deck Materials

Pine – is a soft wood that grows quickly and is easy to work with. Because availability is generally favorable. However, the type of wood will require much care, because they need a place or color on a yearly basis. Pine is not a good choice for areas that receive a lot of snow and cold.

Choosing the Right High Quality Deck MaterialMahogany – This wood is beautiful to look at, with rich colors, tight grain and free of knots. It is resistant to rot and breakage. It requires regular maintenance as well, penetrating oil.

Redwood – This species has a wood grain straight red line. It is believed, durable and weather resistant in relation to many other species. If you are in the eastern part of California, but it will be a little more for transportation costs.

Choosing the Right High Quality Deck MaterialCedar – wood is naturally resistant to rot and insects. However, it tends to crack and too soft to be considered the bottom of the platform. It can be used in the door well or other parts of the structure which does not have much utility.

Choosing the Right High Quality Deck MaterialIPE – This is a Brazilian wood is resistant to decay, bad weather and insects. It stays cool in hot weather, why not withstand heat. With it was not up to scratch or chip easily, making it ideal for high traffic areas. It requires regular maintenance of color and durability to get the rich properties.

  • Choosing the Right High Quality Deck MaterialComposite Wood Decks

There are various composite materials for floorings available. Contain certain types of wood are more effective than others, the more maintenance. It is a material which has a polymer plate, which is resistant to mold. Most composite beautiful rich and tolerate all time. They are zero in general and stain resistant. This type usually cost more initially because of its special qualities. You’ll probably save money in the long run because you will not need to carry a lot of regular maintenance in accordance with other woods.

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