It Took Me Awhile to Figure out What I Wanted to Go with


It took me quite some time to figure out what type of the decor theme that I wanted to put my time and money into the new home that my husband and I purchased last year. I know that most people move into their home and they know exactly what they want to do, but I can be a bit finicky and grow bored very quickly. The one thing that I was sure that I wanted was to contact the people at Orange County Shutters to have them install shutters for me. I had no doubt about that at all. However, when it came to paint colors, furniture, and things like that, I struggled repeatedly with figuring out what I wouldn’t grow bored with.

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I Needed to Calm Down and Have More Faith in Myself


I had a lot of doubts about whether or not I would be a good business owner. I worried about whether I made a rash decision about quitting my last job and starting up a new company on my own so quickly. I thought about these things as I was making phone calls to find out which Sacramento HVAC services business could come over immediately to get our AC running again. I had deadlines to meet. I had a strict budget in place. I was worried that I would let other people down. You can’t just do things spur of the moment at all times and expect them to work. However, that’s how I often operated. As a smart man, you’d think that I would think things out a bit more. I sometimes found myself overwhelmed because of these types of choices, and not everything I set out to do so quickly worked as well as it should. With that long-term pattern, it occurred to me that I did it again. I began stressing about the possibility that my business would fail before it even got off the ground. That’s okay if you can stand to lose money because you have a lot of it. But I don’t have a lot of money to lose, and I had put a lot of my money on the line when I got the idea to start up a company that I would run on my own. I sent my employees home for the day because it was so hot in the office. Opening the windows and doors didn’t help at all. I continued working, and I waited for the HVAC company to show up. They were great with their honesty about the fact that they only needed to replace the motor, but there would be no reason for me to spend a lot of money to replace the entire thing. My fears subsided and things worked out just fine.