Attic Insulation Types

The purpose of the insulation is often considered positive, people have forgotten Attic Insulation-stage process. Isolation, regardless of type, is very profitable. The implementation of the segregation process makes us the climate in the levels of energy reduction of the house, which in turn helps us to enjoy save more money on electricity bills. Although useful, it is advisable to keep some knowledge about the negative facts about the different types of attic insulation to help your small errors during the installation process of attic insulation.

Different types of insulation defects and used below.

Attic Insulation TypesCellulose insulation:

Cellulose, so they can help from recycled paper, one way or another, the reserves of the company using methods that respect the environment and it’s good value again more Power to fill the air. Although the rigidity, some of the risks that people.

• This type of insulation. Over the insulating powder in the embodiment, because the microparticles started with the flight of the air

• Reasonable cost is higher than fiberglass and also much heavier than fiberglass. Because it is difficult, it can not be used in parts of the light in the house.

• Health risks are the main disadvantages of isolation. If the pulp from recycled paper produced during the recycling process, the application of the house because some allergic reactions in humans, paint and paper additives react with other chemicals,

• If the cellulose insulation paper, which rapidly absorbs moisture, which reduces the efficiency and life of the insulation is also lowered.

Attic Insulation TypesSpray Foam Insulation:

Spray foam insulation is considered the best air welding machine for home, like moss happens all the little holes, corners and edges and completely close the house. Many think that the best insulation of all types of insulation, although there are some negative factors. Some negative facts are:

• Spraying should be done at a reasonable price. Excessive foam causes ceilings think little air circulation and damage the beauty of the canopy. Low isolation also in cities small complaints that people such as air raids across the work of the hole

• Spray foam is very simple and flew with the air. Thus, the foam body is for metal or other materials. So, people have to put extra effort in cleaning.

• Spray foam, they provide be seen at a moderate pace again in the house, which is nice, and it requires a lot of cleaning objects around even after the insulation process.

• Foam insulation costs, the open cells or closed than other methods. But the quality is the cost of insulating value.

Attic Insulation TypesFiberglass:

This is an old method, after the coming decades. This provides significant advantages that most people prefer a low cost, easy to install and maintain, and easy availability. In addition, this type available materials such as plastic, foiled paper, kraft paper, etc. Despite all these advantages, it would be different?

• The levels used in fiberglass for air travel, making them unsuitable for certain areas such as the roof made of materials. It is therefore important to the son and air leaks prior to sealing separate location, installation, additional work

• Size is a big disadvantage. The glass fibers in a limited number, which does not fit the architecture of the house today.

• fiberglass poor resistance to moisture. The molecules are arranged to cause the material is not water resistant.