2 pool design mistakes to avoid

Building a pool is expensive, and making mistakes in the design of the pool can be very upsetting. Below are the three most common pool design mistakes to avoid. Be sure to consult with an expert pool designer (that offers free consultations) to avoid these problems!

  1. Design that does not suit your needs. Many people who want a pool think they ‘want’ a pool with a deep end and diving board. What they discover after a year is that the vast majority of family and friends use the shallow end. And the diving board is a hazard. The most practical pool designs have several levels of depth that are more versatile for more people.
  2. Choosing a poor pool designer. As in any area of construction, there are cheap, fly by night builders who employ temporary workers to build pools. Many pool designing firms have high turnover and it is hard to find a company with a highly experienced staff. Be sure that you select a pool design company that has been in business for many years, and have an excellent online reputation. Look for dozens of positive reviews, too.

These are the two most common mistakes that homeowners make, and we hope you will avoid them.